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Katrin and Conrad both share a passion for travelling and on a visit to Santorini they were both immediately captivated by it’s magical charm and serene landscape. During their stay it soon became very apparent that there was no other place that could match their expectations for their wedding day other than Santorini and before their departure they vowed to return the following year for their big day. The couple’s sunset wedding ceremony was hosted at Canaves Oia Hotel and the celebrations then later continued well into the night at The Rocabella Resort. Katrin and Conrad were very engaging during the months before their wedding  and we discussed many creative ideas together for the photography aspect , which is what I really appreciate from my clients.  I sensed that Katrin and Conrad’s wedding was going to be very inspiring and I was right, the bond, love and admiration for each other and all that attended their wedding was clearly evident and as the photographer I was truly honoured to have also been part of their incredible day.

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